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In Secrets Open we have a focus of sharing cosmic wisdom and information for people and turning humanity towards Cosmic Citizenship.

About Kalevi Riikonen

Kalevi Riikonen is a writer, ufo contactee and a lecturer. Kalevi is known for his TV appearances, documentaries and radioshow interviews.
He got his clairvoyance abilities in 1986 and has been sharing universal wisdom world wide since.

Kalevi Riikonen told that he has has incarnated from the future from many star systems. This incarnation was carefully planned, making him able to bring
spiritual, primeval wisdom and knowledge. Contact with the cosmic beings is day to day to Kalevi.

"The time has come to forward the information to the whole world, which the space friends have requested me to do."
- Kalevi Riikonen

Kalevi has written three books: Universal Teachings on Cosmos I, II and III. The first book is available here in three languages as e-book (coming soon).


Kalevi Riikonen
Kankaanpääntie 94
04500 Kellokoski

tel/fax +358 9 2917075